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Executing a highly brand sensitive roll out programme simultaneously across a varied portfolio of store properties and locations requires innovative and disciplined design application. Drawing upon many years of experience in the retail sector, we ensured a successful delivery of 80 stores, across a varied portfolio of store properties, working with The Body Shop in-house team.

The list included some great new flagship stores in prime retail developments such as Liverpool One, Westfield, Leicester High Cross and Hull St Stephens Centre where the approach to standard store fit-out required some challenging and bespoke solutions.

At Fisch we are skilled at handling both one-off projects and multiple roll outs. The Body Shop programme required efficiency and accuracy critical to store delivery. When members of our team joined the client merchandise team for store openings, we gained invaluable experience into what makes the client tick so that when we compiled a new Specification of Store Standards we did so with first hand insight. Sometimes such a unique approach is what it takes to mould the process, develop protocols and makes retail delivery such a whole scale success.

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