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Visualisations are an increasingly important part of the design process. We have the ability to produce photo-realistic visualisations to add extra quality and clarity to any design presentation.

CGI’s provide a showcase for clients and stakeholders to see what the space will look like before any construction works have even taken place. Not everyone can visualise off plan. Clients can instantly see what they are getting prior to the build, and use them to highlight any potential design issues prior to construction, minimising costly amendments during the build.

Visualisations can be used to support a business plan and add credibility to attract potential investors, sometimes being used within the planning process to get Planners or Landlords on board. They also add real value to marketing strategies, social media, press articles and advertisements attracting interest and even sales prior to launch. We are able to place product in views to facilitate merchandising strategies.

As our visualisations are done in house, we can produce them with speed and accuracy to a set budget.

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