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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Designs for Coronavirus

Modern times have bought with them a whole host of ideas to make our way back to normal living. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been sharing some of the imaginative ideas we’ve come across that we thought were beautiful as well as practical. During our research, there have been some ideas that may be lacking in practicality but still show a certain amount of weird and wonderful genius.

Firstly, we look at the world of dining and hospitality and how to get the public safely back into our eateries. We’ve featured some of the best screens and separation systems we’ve seen in our social media; but there have been some more radical solutions. We particularly enjoyed the ‘Plex’Eat’ Visor Lamp, which allows you to dine with several friends from different households whilst still maintaining your safety.

If you’re meeting friends in the park and want to make sure you maintain a safe social distance from each other then you might like Paul Cockedge’s ‘Here comes the sun’ blanket. The designer realised how hard it was to accurately determine 2 meters when out and about and came up with the picnic blanket as a playful solution.

Whilst we’re travelling between places, we might need some extra protection to make us feel safer outside. Here’s the Bat Man shield which was inspired by the supposed source of the virus and is designed to look like bat wings. It has a network of UV wires embedded which heat up and sterilise the environment inside for the wearer. It’s also fold-able, ready to be opened up automatically when the wearer enters a public space.

Or perhaps you’ll like the Isphere from Plastique Fantastique for your commute? This sphere is inspired by 1950’s sci-fi comics. The designers created the helmet like shield from 2 transparent spheres fitted together with a hole for the wearers neck.

There’s still a huge amount of us working from home and for many this will likely be a more permanent thing. But designers have been thinking of imaginative ways to make us safer in the office including this DIY Safe Capsule by Benwu Studio with a UV light for sterilisation, a clear air circulation unit and elastic cuffs to insert your neck and wrists.

Most meeting rooms have been vacant for the last 5 months but there’s been a number of new products on the market designed to make this safer for us again. Rather than all participants being masked up and unable to communicate efficiently, there is the ‘Cough Bat’ which is clear lightweight and can be used to continue visual communication around the meeting table.

Whatever your quandary there’s plenty of imaginative solutions out there. Whether they are good, bad or ugly? I suppose as they say ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, we’ll leave that one up to you to decide!

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