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Inside the Factory – Newhey Carpets

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Here at Fisch our doors are always open to suppliers. It remains our duty to keep abreast of latest product developments and to be knowledgeable about products so that we can advise our Clients on best solutions for projects. On one of our most recent projects we have developed a bespoke carpet with Newhey Carpets and to reverse roles, we thought it would be a good idea for us to pay them a visit. So one Monday morning our MD, Steve, and Interior Designer, Kate, made their way to Newhey’s factory near Rochdale to understand at first hand the carpet making process.

Newhey Carpets is a family run business with over 50 years of manufacturing heritage. But don’t be fooled by the cobbled forecourt, this is a modern carpet factory and slick operation. We were greeted and showed around by Sara who straight away made us feel welcome- as did every single member of the team we came across actually. Into the design studio we met with Paul, one of Newhey’s designers working on our carpet design- not just colours but scale, texture and technical specification.

What we really liked about the studio was the visual and tactile inspiration boards put together by Carol, another one of Newhey’s talented design team. The plethora of influences that shape the latest carpet designs is mind blowing and Newhey are certainly sparing no effort in bringing together original and authentic ideas into new ranges.

After a working lunch we took a factory tour with Sara and Lees, one of Newhey’s Directors who kindly spared his valuable time to explain the processes. We saw how the individual coloured yarns are set up to feed onto the looms which were in full production, weaving various complexities of designs into four-meter-wide carpets. Eagle eyed operators (such as Linda) skilfully spot and repair any defects as they come off the loom. The initial weaves are wound onto rolls ready for more quality checking before being sent through to the backing and finishing line.

Newhey use a sustainable backing called ‘Evobac’ made from 100% recycled plastic bottles which is bonded to the initial weave and also trimmed to produce the final carpet rolls. Designs can also be cut and backed to produce individual carpet tiles- our design incidentally is chosen to work in both broadloom (roll) and tiled format, the latter where access is required to services in the floor in the final installation. One thing that struck us both was the cleanliness of the factory- we might have expected lots of waste, fibres and dust- but there was none of it, the factory was spotless, the production line spacious and so well organised that everyone we met seemed happy in their work. As much as the modern machinery was impressive, so was the close-knit workforce of skilled and dynamic crafts-persons with an over-riding sense of pride in their workmanship. We learnt that the supply chain is also remarkably efficient and local- all materials being sourced from experienced suppliers within a 15-20 mile radius of the plant with the obvious benefits of fewer emissions to back up the company’s impressive environmental credentials.

It was clear when being shown around that our values match those of Newhey. Fisch Design are a hard-working team who strive for quality in everything that we do. Our team push through to meet tight deadlines when required, and adapt to change very quickly in order to meet the needs of our Clients.

Not only did we have a thoroughly enjoyable visit, we came to appreciate the stepped process in carpet manufacturing which will in turn enable us to work ever more closely with a key supplier such as Newhey. The lesson is, get out of the office more and learn about the suppliers that serve the industry- if knowledge is power then in this instance we are more expert in specifying carpets for our prestigious projects and a huge thanks goes to Sara and the entire team at Newhey for their warm hospitality and show round.

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